The PRP - Weight loss / Inch loss plan is the most advanced program for weight loss and obesity reversal. It caters for the most challenging weight loss scenarios - yo-yoing, plateau phase, pre-surgery, post-bariatric surgery, emotional eating etc etc. All seven of the Rainbow Principles are explored and addressed using a systems levels approach.

The major difference between this program and all the other 'diets' available on the market is that this is not a diet, it is a nutrition plan.


The PRP Weight loss / Inch loss plan is a nutrition and health plan which focuses on reducing the inflammation in your body. It provides optimal cellular nutrition and encourages fat burn through natural means. It makes you feel good both inside and out. 


Group option (Min 5 members)

Suitable for friend groups, work mates, class groups, bridesmaids, groomsmen etc.

If you and your mates would like to lose weight together and are up for a friendly four week challenge, then this option is for you. It can be loads of fun and interesting. The collective energy of a group encourages each member to do better and this brings great results.  
Price on application

Duration - 4 Weeks (can be converted into a personal plan thereafter)

Individual option

If privacy is of primacy, or if you prefer individual attention then this option is for you. Your plan will be tailor made for you after an in-depth initial assessment. 

Special programs available for brides and bride mothers/fathers, grooms and groom mothers/fathers, post-bariatic surgery, those above 100 kgs, yo-yo dieters etc.

Price on application

Duration - 8 week, 12 week or 6 month plans available


Key Features

1. Mind Training

2. Gut Training

3. Personalized Nutrition

4. Healthy movement

5. Environment Optimization

6. Accountability

7. Empowerment & Ownership of the programme

8. Regular feedback

"More than half century has passed yoyoing in and out of diets... losing a bit and putting double the loss on...would have been happy if weight was money... coz I undoubtedly would have been a billionaire....!!! Every year saw me a few pounds heavier...
And then it happened. I was introduced to a charming lady, who took over the wheel and agreed to steer me safely to a much awaited land... A land of good health both for the mind body and soul. Dr.Jacqueline introduced me to her PRP, Partnered Restorative programme and though I never believed I would be able to do it, I enrolled. 6 weeks into the programme and Im already 11 kgs less and feel wonderful both inside and out. The best part is...I was not alone. Dr Jacqueline was with me... guiding me, understanding me, motivating and helping me every day.
In my journey of weight gain...😩, I had come across and tried several diet plans and programmes. Some unhealthy ones , some mad ones, zero carb diets,liquid diets.... the list is endless. I have tried everything...they did work with knocking off weight... but the point was... thay none of those were sustainable...especially when I had the tendency to gain weight. That is the BIG difference I found...

The PRP is a lifestyle change, a programme for life.

The PRP diet is a scientifically well studied programme which involves healthy eating, a lesson to understand food and nutrients, I would say... the BIBLE of responsible well being.
A programme made from years of study of various individuals and different body types...

No plan is similar to another... Each plan is created after a study of who you are and what your body is all about" 

Mrs. SM, India

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 This site is not aimed at giving medical advice and is not a substitute to direct physician contact in any way. Though the opinions expressed here reflects the years of study and experience of Dr. Michael, it should not be considered as 'medical opinion' as it is not intended to be. Dr. Michael provides medical treatment only in India at this current point in time. All correspondence and chats are purely of a mentoring nature and aims to empower you, the client, to live fuller and healthier lives. Though your results may be transformational and may lead some of you to a total recovery, the mentoring provided is NOT a medical intervention. Any medication required should be prescribed by your own medical practitioner/physician in your area/country. On your specific request we may be able to share with your physician information he may require for your care. This will be done only after careful consideration and only on your request. At all times your wellness is our priority. 

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