The Rainbow Project - Kerala 

Championing the cause of better Preventative Health Strategies and to drive Lifestyle Medicine led  culture change in Kerala to tackle

Non-Communicable Diseases load. 

Kerala leads India in its Human Development Indices and Child Development Indices. The Kerala Model of Development is famed throughout economic circles as it has achieved such high indices in the background of relatively low GDP.

Now Kerala faces its greatest challenge of the modern times with a burgeoning Chronic Disease load that is more or less equally distributed across rural and urban areas.

Kerala now has the dubious distinction of topping the nations charts in Diabetes and Coronary Artery Disease. Keralites are second only to Punjab in Obesity and childhood obesity. Death due to Coronary artery disease in men is more than 2 times that in the US, 6 times that of China and 7 times that of Japan.

60-80% of >60's have Hypertension. Only a third of those treated for HTN and Diabetes are actually controlled.

Diabetes control is also lesser in women and this may have something to do with the lower levels of physical activity also seen among women of the state.

Today, we have no other option than to press forward with a high impact Preventative Health Policy that has grass roots involvement.

As Dr. David Katz, the founding director of the Yale-Griffin Preventive Research Centre says, if Lifestyle is the Medicine then Culture is the spoon.

Through The Rainbow Project the key principles of Lifestyle Medicine can be harnessed to bring about the much needed cultural change in Kerala. This cultural change will bring the maximum health and longevity benefits to the people of Kerala and Malayalees world over.

The key to the success of this endeavour is collaborative effort. I invite all those with an interest / social commitment toward better health to join me in this effort.

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