8 week therapeutic lifestyle change program


The Jacqueline Method is an 8 week nutrition and lifestyle program which focuses on reducing the inflammation in your body. It aims to provide optimal cellular nutrition and encourage fat burn through natural means. It is a scientific lifestyle program for weight loss and obesity reversal, diabetes and hypertension management, and for improving immune issues. It caters for the most challenging weight loss scenarios - yo-yoing, plateau phase, pre-surgery, post-bariatric surgery, emotional eating etc etc. All seven of the Rainbow Principles are explored and addressed using a systems levels approach. 


What is in it for you?

In just 8 weeks you will learn the keys to great nutrition and the 7 Rainbow Rules for health and longevity. The program helps nourish your body in a way that you may have never known before. This boosts cellular nutrition which in turn drives down chronic low grade inflammation along with all the other lifestyle hacks.

The Jacqueline Method also offers an easy ‘no calorie counting’ way to get into shape. Shed those excess pounds and inches simply by eating well and moving gently. No fad diets or crazy exercise regimens. 

This program also helps those with diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and other similar lifestyle related issues to adopt a healthful lifestyle and manage their disease better. Many even reverse them eventually. 

Key Features

Educational - You learn by doing.

Mind Training

Gut Training

Nutriful nutrition

Healthy movement

Environment Optimization


Empowerment & Ownership of the programme

Regular feedback

If you think this program may be for you we will contact you for a free no obligations session where the program is explained in detail and you get the opportunity to raise any queries. At the end of the session if both the coach and you feel that the program is suited for you and that you are suited for the program, then you will be invited to complete the registration process to enroll in the next available program. 

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