Jacqueline's program is so immaculately well thought through - if you ever think this won't work, be rest assured it will. I have had a very agile body and have been through way too many bouts of gaining weight and going back to a fabulous body. After switching cities once again I gained weight one more time in 2019, and no matter what I tried it did not budge - I was obese.

Jacqueline helped me loose almost 7 kgs in 4 weeks and I was able to maintain my weight despite a very hectic schedule for the remaining 4 weeks of her programme. I ate what I liked during the program - she does not take away your choice, she does not preach and she definitely does not make it feel like an unsustainable fad diet program.

Most importantly Jacqueline takes the effort to provide daily and personalized mentoring - this frequency of support and personalized response is both very uplifting and extremely rare in other weight loss programs basis what I have seen in my research. I am armed with more knowledge on why my body reacts a certain way, what something does when I eat it and how to maintain a healthier bodyweight without giving up the pleasure of a hearty meal. All this in 8 weeks is phenomenal work by Jacqueline. For all those fighting a lonely and unsuccessful battle against poor gut health and obesity, I highly recommend Jacqueline's programme - it WILL give you the results you are seeking.

Neha Upadhyay Neha Upadhyay
Aparna Prabhath



I have been part of the Dr,Jacqueline Michael’s HEAL program to throw away my waste (waist) and 21 kg of weight from my soul and body. I reduced my waist size 30cm so far. This program has honestly been my life saver. My highest weight was 82kg now it is 61kg over a 4 months period.

Losing weight, working out and eating healthy has been a complete life style change for me. Now I feel more healthier, more energetic and happier than I have been in a long time . I highly recommend Dr Jacqueline Michael, she is full of personality, very attentive, knowledgeable, sweet, polite and professional.

Aparna Prabhath Aparna Prabhath,
Ohio, USA

Dr.Jacqueline introduced me to her PRP, Partnered Restorative programme and though I never believed I would be able to do it, I enrolled. 6 weeks into the programme and Im already 11 kgs less and feel wonderful both inside and out. The best part is...I was not alone. Dr Jacqueline was with me... guiding me, understanding me, motivating and helping me every day.
In my journey of weight gain...😩, I had come across and tried several diet plans and programmes. Some unhealthy ones , some mad ones, zero carb diets,liquid diets.... the list is endless. I have tried everything...they did work with knocking off weight... but the point was... thay none of those were sustainable...especially when I had the tendency to gain weight. That is the BIG difference I found...
The PRP is a lifestyle change, a programme for life.

Dr. S P, UK Mrs S M,
Dr. S P, UK

I joined the HEAL program with a confused mind, but soon became settled with Dr Jacqueline’s loving guidance and I started making small firm steps towards my goal. At first, I decided to give it a try and thought I may lose maximum 10 kilos. But, I surprised myself by losing around 24 kgs in a span of one year. That is indeed a miracle with my limited physical activity owing to my physical condition.
For me, the most important part of this health journey had been the mental part. From someone who started to hate herself, I became very confident and ready to face the world.

My rewards for this decision to join her program is immense: My prediabetic state is reversed, my very high Blood Pressure levels normalised, and my confidence level increased. I am not hiding behind anyone now for photographs, because I am not conscious about my physique. My biggest relief and unexpected bonus was regarding my pain and the regular pain medications which I needed to take for my condition. Now I only need to take pain meds very rarely if ever.

What I love about this program is that, it is not about the changes in the number that you see every morning, it is about the changes in your personality you gain along the way. Rather than a strict weight loss regime in the traditional sense, this program is about creating a healthier lifestyle for oneself.

Dr. S P, UK Dr. S P,

Dr. Jacqueline Michael’s guidance and recommendations helped me to reduce 10 kilos in 7 weeks ! Best part is, my HBA1C levels reduced to 5.9 which was in the range of 6.9 before starting the 6 weeks JM healing program. Also, Blood Pressures returned to normal.

Program was more focused on healing, eating healthy and nutritionally, lifestyle change tips, simple physical exercises, more over everyday personalized consultations of Dr. JM that helps to understand where we have to correct ourselves.

Dr. Jacqueline Michael is one-stop natural store for remedies to all your lifestyle illnesses i.e Blood Pressure, Diabetics, Cholesterol, Fatty Liver, Over Weight etc and all this is achieved via simplest modifications in your eating habits !

I am grateful for all your mentoring and support Dr. Jacqueline. Keep changing the world around you, to be healthy and happy

Ishaque Mashoor Ishaque Mashoor,

Dreams do come true”!!! That was my experience working with Jaqueline. She mentored and motivated and kept me on my toes during the 10 week program that the result was my dream of loosing 10 kgs which came true.
The way in which she designed the program inspired me a lot and motivated me. I have been to Jindal Nature Cure, Patanjali Ashram Haridwar and was not satisfied as i didnt see the desired result.
Either i look thin and weak or it would be thin and looking malnutritioned and dull. But with Dr Jaqueline, i became thin, healthy, bright and am bouncing back to life with a lot of confidence.
Thank u Jaqueline, u were really my life saver!!!!

Preethi, Dubai Preethi,

"Dr.Jacqueline’s name would always be etched in golden letters in my journey towards fitness. She came into my life when I was halfway through my goal but her ways of achieving it was much more effective and healthy.

Be it the calls we had or the daily follow ups, she had always been there working with me closely and encouraging like none other to stick to the plans. If not for her, I would never have religiously followed the diet and achieved the target.

Such a warm and friendly personality, I wish her nothing but the best in her professional and personal life.

I owe all the compliments I am getting from the world, to u....
U r my star, Doctor dearest😘😘😘😘

Vineetha Vineetha,
Jithu Mohandas

A few months back, I was desperate to find someone who could help me guide into a healthy lifestyle and I found a gem,Dr Jacqueline..Her Program was more focused on healing your internal organs, eating healthy and nutritionally, lifestyle change tips, simple physical exercises.

Her training program was an eye-opener that showed me how unhealthy my usual lifestyle was.Her guidance and recommendations helped me to reduce 12 kilos in 8 weeks !. Now I feel much better and lighter. She helped me eat, feel and stay healthy both mentally and physically.

We had a group of like-minded people who took the program to a whole new level of enthusiasm and self-discovery. She always ensured that all of us were given equal attention. It was the most positive 8 weeks of my life. I am grateful for all your mentoring and support Dr. Jacqueline. Keep changing the world around you, to be healthy and happy

Jithu Mohandas Jithu Mohandas,

Dr Jacqueline Michael is undeniably a treasured fountain of knowledge. In the midst of consultation, you increasingly become aware of how empathic and understanding Jacqueline is to your individual self. Her tools, perspective and drive for results is incredible and the well guided support is amazing. With great pleasure and pride, we recommend Covenant Health! Thanking you for your services and continued support,

The team at Open Sanctuary. The team at Open Sanctuary.

Dr Jacqueline Michael is a talented blend of an expert lifestyle medicine doctor and coach. I have noted her work and liaised with her on exploring new strategies to prevent lifestyle-related disorders such as diabetes, cancer and dementia syndromes just to name a few. I was very impressed with her deep insight and experience in translating that into clinical practice. In addition she is especially effective in clients who have emotional stressors affecting their health as well.

One of the most challenging issues in this field is about changing the maladaptive behavior of wrong lifestyle choices.

Most ill-equipped clinicians jump into a simple 'advice' mode, of course with good intention, and often end up with frustration.

Here is the importance of Dr Jacqueline – she uses her coaching and psychotherapeutic skills to effectively motivate and support such individuals to change their behavior so that they are empowered to make their own decisions which ultimately results in vastly improved health outcomes. I would not hesitate to recommend clients with chronic diseases to contact Dr Jacqueline for their better self-management. There is growing evidence that teleconsultations are as good as face-to-face consultations. I was assured that she could provide such teleconsultations where required.

Dr. Rajeev Kumar MD, FRANZCP, PhD Dr. Rajeev Kumar MD, FRANZCP, PhD

"Working with Jacqueline is an uplifting and nourishing experience! She is very understanding and intuitive and helped me to see my situation, something I had been stuck on, in a new light.

Jacqueline asked a few very poignant and insightful questions that helped me reach a point of clarity. I could tell from her questions that she was really listening to me. I also found Jacqueline very "real" - a lovely woman who has faced challenges of her own in the past and is now using the wisdom she gained to help others."

Thank you for your support Jacqueline!

Dr. Rajeev Kumar MD, FRANZCP, PhD Stephanie Mackay
London, UK

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