Did you know that in 2028...? But what are we doing about it?

We live in an age where is it impossible to predict the trends of next year let alone 14 years down the line. The Centre Online, an educational research establishment has produced a video which aims to draw a rough picture of life in 2028. They draw their conclusions from trends and predictions for 2028.

The most worrying is of course the prediction that water will be the most fought over natural resource in the not too distant future.

For decades now most of the western nations have had water on demand. The rigours of the past when water was hard sought and hard wrought long forgotten from our collective psyche. Middle income countries are striving hard to achieve the same for its citizens. But nations that bear the scorching heat of the desert sun still honour and respect water as it is so very scarce. Here water on demand is no more than a pipe dream (excuse the pun).

Grandmas words of wisdom reminds us to waste not in order to want not. In view of the stark predictions about our water resources isn't it high time that we begin to practice water conservation in all levels of society and governance?

Water is life giving. Every civilisation that has flourished has done so on the back of free flowing water. A society that does not have good water sources slowly perishes. Increasing urbanisation puts increased demands on a smaller footprint of mother earth.

This calls for prudent water management and awareness.

As a doctor, of grave concern to me is the projection that obesity will be the most common disease burden of middle income countries, closely followed by depression. Though alarming this is quite unsurprising. I had come to a similar conclusion a few years ago but would add that their prediction that 1 in 3 would live to over a hundred years begs the question whether they have considered the impact of rising obesity trends of the post modern world

Obesity is primarily a disease of malnutrition - i.e. bad nutrition. It is also a manifestation of over consumption, a theme we covered in my last blog post here.

Depression on the other hand can be characterised as a disease of under consumption or lack. Depression personifies the human condition of inner loneliness on an entirely different level.

Many factors contribute to depression. Fewer meaningful social connections, dwindling family support and love plus a pace of life not conducive to solitude or peace, all contribute to the starvation of the of the inner self which can manifest as depression.

In other words depression may be described as the hunger of the soul for a love and acceptance that it can taste. You can read about the 3 things every person should know about depression here

Obesity too is a result of hunger, an emotional hunger that feeds the body to its own destruction. This hunger is now coupled with a society built around ease and efficiency that denies the physical body its much needed caloric balance through exercise in the daily course of life. Exercise nowadays has to be fabricated into our modern lifestyle because we have grown so smart that all sources of natural exercise has been effectively purged from our midst.

We our victims of our own smartness.

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