Over consumption - the quicksand of modern life?

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not for every man’s greed" - Mahatma Gandhi

Over consumption has turned out to be the quicksand of modern life. We live to consume and consume to live.

How many of us have far more clothes than we could ever wear yet still enjoy a hearty shopping appetite? Let me raise my hand to this one.

Its not just clothes. The modern man/woman extends the very same attitude toward the latest gadgets, mobile phones, devices, toys, cars, and games. Even films nowadays make more money selling merchandise than from the actual film in itself.

Pixar's Cars generated 10 billion in merchandising revenue alone! The story is much the same for the popular film series Star Wars as well as for the Disney offering, Frozen.

Stuff sells. And some stuff sells like mad. All you've got to do is get people hooked onto the stuff you've got to sell.

Everyone is selling something these days. It's the most popular way to earn a living in the 21st century. We sell in order to buy; in order to consume. We have grown so used to consumption that we extend the very same attitude toward health and well being. Nowadays healthcare is considered as something to be consumed in order to reach the desired endpoint; be it symptom relief or a cure. Take the case of Weight gain and obesity - the consumption of some miracle pill or program should shear the fat and kilos off like magic.

From a very tender age advertising teaches us to consume. It teaches us that consumption will make us happy and that consumption relieves our problems. But reality teaches us something quite contrary. The heroin of consumption has become the quicksand which lures us daily into its suffocating depths only to finally throttle the life and zest out of you.

Over consumption is making us sick, it is making the world sick, terribly sick. It is driving up inequalities and driving down tolerance. It destroys the earth and it rapes its resources. We are creating a tomorrow where food, water and resources will be scarcer than ever in the past. We are also for the first time looking forward to spawning a generation that will actually live shorter lives than their parents and grandparents if they live in the developed world.

Its Time

Its time to have less. Less is more.

More health, more wealth, more time, more vitality, more love, more meaningful relationships, more life and more years to live it with!

But to have more we need to consume less. Less food, less goods, less gadgets, less conveniences. We also need to spend less time plugged in, less indoors and less sedentary.

By consuming less we reduce the burden we place on our planets natural resources and are able to divert scarce resources to those struggling to meet their basic needs. Driving down materialistic consumption on an individual level frees up time to devote to authentic health and well being; time which man would have otherwise spent in the pursuit of transient goods.

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