How To Develop A Cancer Beating Mindset.

3 Steps to a Cancer Beating Mindset.

Step 1. Conquer Fear with Knowledge

Fear has a real and physical effect on the body. Fear directs thought and thoughts can perpetuate fear. Fear is the first barrier to overcome in the realm of the mind. Fear ramps up the body's fight or flight mechanisms. Chronic fear acts as an immune suppressant and that is definitely not what you want when you are dealing with cancer.

Eradicate fear by educating the mind.

32.6 million people (within 5 years of diagnosis) were living with cancer in 2012. The number of new cases is set to rise 70% in the next 2 decades.

So lets face it, cancer is going to be quite common. Now Let us compare this with Diabetes and its rise over 24 years.

The number of people with diabetes rose from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. This is increase was far greater than that predicted for Cancer over the next 2 decades.

Cancer wins by creating fear.

Knowledge kills fear. Once we realise this fact we are well on our way to conquering cancer and fear!

Instead of focusing on the negative outcomes, begin reading case studies of individuals who overcame cancer. Find out how they did it.

Inocculate yourself with stories and images of success.

Educate yourself about the diet you should be eating and ways and means to boost your immunity and revitalise your cancer beating powers.

Step 2. Embrace Positivity with Passion

Make Positivity your new mantra. I know - it is not easy. Especially if life has been hard in the past and if you are prone to worrying. Worry is a killer--just like fear. So you have no other option than to embrace positivity with passion!

Teach yourself to be positive. When you catch yourself worrying, purposefully train your thoughts away and embrace positivity. It could save you by strengthening your immune system.

Surround yourself with like-minded positive people and distance yourself from the perpetual pessimists. This is a very conscious and deliberate action.

There will be many well wishers - both friends and relatives who come in all sizes and shapes. Choose those who are most supportive and positive and give a wide berth to those who find a problem in every solution.

If your doctor is too negative find one who will support your positivity. Always have a good relationship with those who are dealing with your care. Don't forget to smile and appreciate what they do for you. This will enhance their positive feelings toward you and in turn boost you up when you most need it.

Distance yourself from those who bring your spirits down and those in whose company you feel physically, mentally or spiritually drained. That is a clear sign of your inner self telling you that those people are injurious to health--its like a cigarette cover label. You are better off heeding it.

The closest 5 people in your life make a significant impact on you. Choose them wisely.

Step 3. Create a Conqueror Mindset through Creativity

Intentionally find and feed a conqueror mindset. Channel your thoughts into creativity and happiness. A conqueror imagines and visualizes the successful conquest ahead of going into battle. A conqueror is bolstered by his previous successes.

Take on a project. Take part in activities that stretch your abilities and talents. DO NOT allow life to be taken over by your diagnosis. Celebrate every small win in life. Nurture a pet project and strive to complete it within a specified time frame. It could be anything from growing a few veggies to building a tree house. Anything that will give you a sense of satisfaction and that will challenge and stretch your innate abilities a bit.

Love life and live it with no regrets.


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