The Mirror.

I recently wrote a book. I called it "Discover the 3 P's for a Powerful life". Its subtitle read "Find the truth in your Person, Purpose and Pain". Looking back I feel the subtitle spoke louder to my readers than the title. Nevertheless, within days of its release it became an Amazon Kindle Bestseller in its category. That got me thinking.

While it is nice to feel that your work is appreciated and receives rave reviews, I also learnt a lot from the experience of birthing this book. I needed to know what resonated with my readers, and I was equally if not more so, also eager to know where it fell short.

What I understood from the feedback was that each person accepted the book based on what resonated with them. For some the chapters on Pain were especially poignant. And for some it were the Chapters on the Person that resonated with them. And for yet another group it was the sole chapter on Purpose.

It was the reader that shaped the book, and its outcome. As one reviewer rightly said, my only aim was to show the door. The door through which each person could walk and embark on their personal journey. The journey was theirs, and theirs entirely.

Some of you said that you wanted the book to be followed by a 'How to's' - a workbook or E-Course that went into the nitty gritty of how to walk that journey. For those of you who wanted the 'How-to', I must say I considered it seriously for you. Not only did I consider it, but I also put my initial premise to the test.

My premise was this. "I cannot tell you how to do it but I can only lead you to the light within you. My role is best fulfilled as your personal coach and mentor. Within our personal space of consultation I will hold up the mirror to the real you. Then, you will begin to see the truth of your person, purpose and pain".

I tested my premise with one chosen from amongst you. One who would have liked a workbook! And at the end our consultation she answered her own question and confirmed my premise. No workbook or E-Course can take the place of a one on one consultation. Though called consultation these sessions are more like a chat between friends. I am merely the wise friend who has no other agenda, except that of your own true vision and liberation.

My aim always stays the same - to help my client or reader embark on his/her healing and restorative journey. The true discovery of who you are is a liberative process. This liberation in thought, mind and spirit is truly necessary for wholistic healing and authentic wellness.

Even if you do not consider yourself as 'sick' , the inner self needs healing and authentic expression. True joy, happiness and purpose flows from the emancipated inner self.

If and when this book takes physical form as paperback I might expand and elaborate on some of this. But in the meantime, do get your inner self naked and join the book on your journey. The book is still available for download on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. All you need is the Kindle app on your phone or tablet device.

If on the other hand you would rather have a one on one consultation you can contact me via my website.

Live Authentically

Dr. Jacqueline Michael

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