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Tired? Burned out? No one to speak to? 

I am here to help you figure out the figureoutables in your life and help navigate life with renewed vigour by bringing purpose and passion back into your life.

Below are some of the types of specialized coaching available.



Life and Career Coching

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Tired? Burned out? The old fire in the belly is no more? No sense of direction or purpose? Unable to cope with the conflicting pressures? No one to speak to? Then this is for you.

Helps you rediscover who the real you is. Explore if you have become a new person and discover what fires up the new real you. Also rediscover your passion and purpose and use it to supercharge your life ahead. (sometimes supercharging may look a lot like time out - but if that's whats needed we will find means to make it work)

Spousal Relationship

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​Spousal Relationship Mentoring

1. For those who need a confidential and non-judgmental pair of ears to listen compassionately and to offer support at those all too familiar times when we feel that no one is listening.

2. Support and guidance for those navigating life after divorce and bereavement. 
4. Support for those dealing with fertility issues and for those considering NFP or NaPro.

Identity Coaching

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Identity Coaching for greater authenticity in life. 

It helps you to come to a deep and clear understanding of your personal identity and reconcile yourself with the seeming contrariness of the world. The whole aim of Identity Coaching is to enable you to function at the highest level of your 'SELF'. This begins to happen when your self and purpose becomes clearer to you.

Spiritual Mentoring


Spiritual Mentoring, sometimes called spiritual sharing is offered for the healing and well being journey of those who require it. It is Christian in ethos but available and accessible to those of any or no faith. It helps you identify and address spiritual sorrows, feelings of lack of clarity and purpose, exploring your spiritual identity etc.

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What they say

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and guidance. You really saved me from a life of despair and shown me that my life has endless opportunities. I hope you will continue your great work and help those people that really need it as they are a lot of us out there."

DB | Sydney, Australia

"Working with Jacqueline is an uplifting and nourishing experience! She is very understanding and intuitive and helped me to see my situation, something I had been stuck on, in a new light. Jacqueline asked a few very poignant and insightful questions that helped me reach a point of clarity. I could tell from her questions that she was really listening to me. I also found Jacqueline very "real" - a lovely woman who has faced challenges of her own in the past and is now using the wisdom she gained to help others." 

Thank you for your support Jacqueline!



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 This site is not aimed at giving medical advice and is not a substitute to direct physician contact in any way. Though the opinions expressed here reflects the years of study and experience of Dr. Michael, it should not be considered as 'medical opinion' as it is not intended to be. Dr. Michael provides medical treatment only in India at this current point in time. All correspondence and chats are purely of a mentoring nature and aims to empower you, the client, to live fuller and healthier lives. Though your results may be transformational and may lead some of you to a total recovery, the mentoring provided is NOT a medical intervention. Any medication required should be prescribed by your own medical practitioner/physician in your area/country. On your specific request we may be able to share with your physician information he may require for your care. This will be done only after careful consideration and only on your request. At all times your wellness is our priority. 

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