"Working with Jacqueline is an uplifting and nourishing experience! She is very understanding and intuitive and helped me to see my situation, something I had been stuck on, in a new light. Jacqueline asked a few very poignant and insightful questions that helped me reach a point of clarity. I could tell from her questions that she was really listening to me. I also found Jacqueline very "real" - a lovely woman who has faced challenges of her own in the past and is now using the wisdom she gained to help others." 

Thank you for your support Jacqueline!


Stephanie Mackay




“I recently engaged the services of Dr. Jacqueline Michael at Covenant Health after being referred to her by a member of my family, who advised me that Jacqueline suffers from the same skin condition as me and was also someone that I could trust both professionally and personally.At that time I was suffering from severe depression as a result of this condition and while I wanted to treat my condition, I also realised that my condition had not only taken its toll on me physically, but also emotionally and spirituallyy as well. Since undertaking the Partnered Restorative Programme with Jacqueline I have been able to stabilise my condition, while at the same time I have developed a closer, more personal relationship with God, and through prayer and Jacqueline's guidance I have found I have grown as a person and become more confident in who I am, rather than basing my confidence solely on my physical appearance.As a satisfied client of Covenant Health I would highly recommend the Partnered Restorative Programme to anyone who is seeking a holistic approach to healing as you will not be disappointed with the changes that you can make to your life.”


David Brewty




Why is Covenant Health the need of the hour...

by Dr. Jacqueline Michael


Data from the World Health Organization states that in 2012, 38 million people died worldwide of a Non-communicable diseases (NCD). The shocking reality of this statistic is that 40% of these deaths were premature deaths.


The WHO states that the vast majority of these preamture deaths are preventable! Unlike Communicable Diseases which could be vaccinated against and treated with simple antimicrobials for the most part, chronic diseases are proving to be much more of a challenge.


The main reason chronic diseases are becoming increasingly challenging is that the many chronic diseases we suffer from today are the result of a combination of factors like chronically imbalanced diets, lifestyle choices, high stress levels, environmental deprivation etc.


Mortality aside, there are simply too many diseases nowadays that lead to significant morbidity and a decreased quality of life. Autoimmune diseases, like Multiple sclerosis, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and fibromyalgia are but a few. 


The fundamental challenge faced by mainstream medicine in dealing with these illnesses is the paucity of specific, effective treatment options with few or nil side effects that can effect a cure. Another fundamental yet little understood fact is the wide variability of disease behaviour. In fact it is quite possible for a well meaning physician to feel constantly challenged and even frustrated whilst treating his/her patient with such a disease. The reason why it is challenging to treat an autoimmune condition or a similar chronic condition is because there is no one size fits all.


The cause of the quandary mentioned above is quite a simple fact. Though many of us suffer from a disease that bears the same name, our journey toward that disease was unique. Each of us have a personal story that led us to where we are now. The knocks and jolts to the immune system that we suffered were different. Our diet and environment were different. Our genes and family history are also so different. And so it stands to reason that our disease, its manifestation and response to treatment are going to be different!


It takes a skilled practitioner and knowledgeable person to take that walk with you and discover the 'healable' aspects of your life journey.


YOUR best healer is the one who can facilitate YOUR healing - the one who guides and counsels but ultimately allows YOU to chart out YOUR own healing journey; the one who can skillfully help YOU find the 'healable' aspects of YOUR LIFE and enable healing. This alone results in authentic healing and cure.


Covenant Health is the answer to that vision. 


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