Welcome to HEAL Solutions. 


At HEAL Solutions (previously Covenant Health) the science and the art of healing merges to offer a unique pathway toward authentic well-being. The health & well-being of the person and that of our planet are closely related.

We employ a wholistic approach to addressing life's challenges. Coaching and Mentoring to achieve your personal goals and training for a larger overhaul of your lifestyle.

What We Offer:

HEAL Solutions 4 YOU offers training in the Seven Rainbow Rules for Health and Longevity which focuses on 7 key principles for a healthful and meaningful life. Studies show that the lifestyle choices underpinning the 7 Rainbow Rules will help reduce the risk of preventable chronic diseases by upto 80%. There is no pill better than that! 

We also provide coaching and mentoring to overcome the shackles of lifestyle habits, limiting beliefs and emotional pain through the Partnered Restorative Programme (PRP).

PRP empowers the individual to journey toward authentic wellbeing with the help of an empathetic guide who has done the journey herself.


Keen on giving back to society, our focus is to educate and empower persons as well as communities to become better at looking after their health & well-being as well as in taking care of the environment. We do this through social media and by utilising occasions of talks, seminars and discussions.

For those who come to us for spiritual nourishment we share the good news as revealed by Christ - that each human person has an intrinsic value such that they are called to be children of the Almighty God / Power. We are not 'mere' humans, but divinely human! We are much more than we believe ourselves to be. This takes no religious connotations but forms a key part of the empowerment and self realization journey for spiritual fulfillment. It also informs our conscience toward our common home, the Earth, and the need to take care of it.

Brief History

September 2014 - Covenant Health is born

September 2014 - July 2017 - Covenant Health functions as a business entity. Also provides health & lifestyle coaching and mentoring services.

June 2016 - Conceived the Rainbow Project to reduce Non-Communicable diseases in Kerala, and among South Asians. Includes community and personal initiatives.

July 2017 - Dr. Jacqueline Michael began work in India. The business name HEAL Clinic and HEAL  Foundation (Health Education And Lifestyle) was found to be more meaningful in the work that she does in Asia in educating physicians and public alike on the core principles for health and longevity. 

January 2019 - HEAL Solutions 4 You is established to continue the health and lifestyle coaching in Sydney and around the world. Tailor made programs for individuals and workplaces for preventing diseases, managing burn out, optimising career goals, and purposeful living. 



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 This site is not aimed at giving medical advice and is not a substitute to direct physician contact in any way. Though the opinions expressed here reflects the years of study and experience of Dr. Michael, it should not be considered as 'medical opinion' as it is not intended to be. Dr. Michael provides medical treatment only in India at this current point in time. All correspondence and chats are purely of a mentoring nature and aims to empower you, the client, to live fuller and healthier lives. Though your results may be transformational and may lead some of you to a total recovery, the mentoring provided is NOT a medical intervention. Any medication required should be prescribed by your own medical practitioner/physician in your area/country. On your specific request we may be able to share with your physician information he may require for your care. This will be done only after careful consideration and only on your request. At all times your wellness is our priority. 

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