Heal 4 Teens

Heal 4 Teens

Dr. Jacqueline Michael is an international speaker who has vast experience in delivering health and wellbeing talks and workshops in the United Kingdom, Australia and across Asia. She is a Lifestyle Medicine consultant certified by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine as well as a Life Coach and Nutrition Therapist.

Mum to 3 children, two of them teenagers in high school, and aunt to ten, she is well aware of the issues faced by young people today. This, and the growing incidence of preventable diseases in even younger peopl inspired the HEAL 4 Teens lifestyle education programme, now running successfully since 2017.

About the Programme

Nutritional disorders, tobacco use, high risk sexual behaviours, stress, common mental disorders, and injuries (road traffic injuries, suicides, violence of different types) specifically affect teenagers and young people and have long lasting impact. Multiple behaviours and conditions often coexist. Many of these are also precursers and determinants of Non-Communicable diseases(NCD’s) including mental health issues.
The rising trend in prediabetes among young people in their late teens and early twenties are of concern too.There is also evidence to suggest that in the modern era of social-tech connectedness, loneliness and depression are far too common.
In this scenario a healthy lifestyle and health promotion programme becomes the need of the hour.

HEAL for teens is a unique fun and engaging programme that addresses the core risk factors and lifestyle issues faced by a young person living in the present times.

The participant, together with the presenter, will work their way through the SEVEN RAINBOW RULES -  a set of colour coded and easily recallable lifestyle and environmental determinants for the health of the individual and that of the environment in which we live in.  Each student will be provided with a specially designed sheet to use during the session which will help in their self-assessment.

At the end of the session they would be able to identify key risk factors and the unhealthy behaviours which can lead to disease and injury. They will also be able to discover their own habits and behaviours that are personally unhealthy and learn how each one of them can be remedied. The sheet that they have worked through will serve as reminder to implement their very own remedial plan of action. The session also serves as a form of immunization by encouraging the children to keep up good habits and recognize harmful lifestyle choices that they may come across in future. Forewarned is forearmed.

Throughout the program, participants are encouraged to pop in their questions and feedback into the question box (anonymously if need be). All queries and doubts will be addressed in the mop-up session after the main session. This is a very effective way to ensure engagement and thorough understanding which is essential to bring about change.