The 1st Lifestyle Medicine Centre in Kerala

@ D'Fort, Lighthouse Road, Tangasseri, Kollam

Our world is reeling under a raft of unique and challenging problems such as those unseen in our collective history. How do we wise up to the challenges and health risks posed to us on a daily basis and conquer these powerful drivers of ill health and planet decline?


The Rainbow Rules for Health and longevity is the answer. Upto 80 % risk of preventable chronic diseases can be reduced by adopting the principles behind the 7 Rainbow Rules. These simple and easy to follow rules will help you care for the self as well as for the earth, our common home. 


Condensed and distilled from studies and research  spanning the length and breadth of the world, they offer the wisdom of the ages coupled with the latest scientific understanding to give us 'THE SOLUTION' to the scourge of diseases and ill health that affect our heart, our vessels, our joints, our skin, our hormones, our immune system, our minds and our planet!

At the HEAL centre and at each workshop and seminar the 7 Rainbow Rules will form the framework for Risk Assessment and Lifestyle Management.

HEAL clinic offers the following

1. Comprehensive Risk Assessment for chronic diseases

2. Functional Assessments and Exercise Prescriptions

3. Body Fat Analysis

4. Supportive Life & Lifestyle coaching

5. Health Education & Mentoring

6. Group classes for various chronic diseases. Schedule will be available shortly.

7. Spiritual sharing for those who require it. 

8. Exercise Clinic

9. Seniors Exercise program

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 This site is not aimed at giving medical advice and is not a substitute to direct physician contact in any way. Though the opinions expressed here reflects the years of study and experience of Dr. Michael, it should not be considered as 'medical opinion' as it is not intended to be. Dr. Michael provides medical treatment only in India at this current point in time. All correspondence and chats are purely of a mentoring nature and aims to empower you, the client, to live fuller and healthier lives. Though your results may be transformational and may lead some of you to a total recovery, the mentoring provided is NOT a medical intervention. Any medication required should be prescribed by your own medical practitioner/physician in your area/country. On your specific request we may be able to share with your physician information he may require for your care. This will be done only after careful consideration and only on your request. At all times your wellness is our priority. 

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