"The most individually tailored approach to healing the human person from inside out."



The Partnered Restorative Programme™ (PRP) offers a real solution to authentic wellbeing. Here at Covenant Health we realise that true healing begins by revisiting the journey you took toward reaching your current disease point. We recognize that each persons life journey is different and that a different set of triggers and factors have influenced and contributed to your current state of (un)health and (un)wellbeing.


"PRP is tailor made for you." 


Through the programme I will help you unravel and identitfy the healable aspects of your disease journey. Next, we will work together to plan and chart out key elements of YOUR restorative programme. We will then embark on your restorative journey with you in the driving seat. I will work along with you as experienced guide and mentor as you journey toward authentic healing.


"You DON'T HAVE TO suffer from depression, eczema, obesity, anxiety, cancer, autoimmune diseases like vitiligo, and chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes etc

Healing is possible!"



This programme is not a substitute to any medical treatment that you may be taking. This programme is designed to help you identify and address issues that may have contributed to your illness.  

PRP is a  tribute to all my clients and friends who decided to make a change and allowed me the privilege of helping them. They, like you, knew deep down inside that there was something more. 


I can assure you that this programme is not for the weak willed and faint hearted. It is also not for the pill-pop happy. If popping a pill is your idea of attaining health then you are at the wrong place.


But if you like taking control and being proactive, then you are at the right place. If you have tried and failed in the past it does not matter. At least you have tried.


 I am here to support you through the tough days of change -

if that change is necessary!

(we don't do change for the sake of it).


I am here to help you understand your gut and your diet; your sleeplessness and tiredness; your love and your relationships and everything in between including your environment. I am here for all those unforeseen variables that we might unravel. Because health is not that nice little box that comes with predefined contents.

Health is the TOTAL YOU!

Partnered Restorative Programme

Do You Believe What We Believe?


We Believe Healing is Possible.


My healing was possible.


 What about yours?


'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me'



“I recently engaged the services of Dr. Jacqueline Michael at Covenant Health after being referred to her by a member of my family, who advised me that Jacqueline suffers from the same skin condition as me and was also someone that I could trust both professionally and personally.At that time I was suffering from severe depression as a result of this condition and while I wanted to treat my condition, I also realised that my condition had not only taken its toll on me physically, but also emotionally and spirituallyy as well. Since undertaking the Partnered Restorative Programme with Jacqueline I have been able to stabilise my condition, while at the same time I have developed a closer, more personal relationship with God, and through prayer and Jacqueline's guidance I have found I have grown as a person and become more confident in who I am, rather than basing my confidence solely on my physical appearance.As a satisfied client of Covenant Health I would highly recommend the Partnered Restorative Programme to anyone who is seeking a holistic approach to healing as you will not be disappointed with the changes that you can make to your life.”


David Brewty


How Do We Do It?

We do it in partnership with you. 


Together with you we will embark on a journey to find what brought you to us. Once we discover the underlying reasons contributing to your condition we will help you address the root causes by providing you with factual evidence based solutions, life coaching and mentoring. 

The PRP is typically a 12 week or 8 week total commitment programme. The length of the programme is determined at the first session and will comprise of 8 or 12 weekly sessions. Each session will be via skype. At the beginning of the programme certain broad goals will be identified and an action plan drawn out to help guide you. Once the goals are achieved or when they become irrelevant they may be discarded or changed and new ones adopted.

At every point you are at complete freedom to decide if you want to go any further or if you wish not to explore any particular facet of your life. YOU are in total control and that is how it should be. But I will challenge you and hold you accountable to YOUR goals. 


Still here reading this? Feel this is what you were waiting for all along? Then drop in your query.


Health Mentoring

Health Mentoring is a unique interaction between the mentee (or client) and the mentor, for the express intention of empowering the mentee to deal positively and proactively with their current spiritual and/or physical state in order to achieve a higher degree of wellness. 


Identity Coaching

Identity Coaching overlaps to some extent with Spiritual mentoring. It helps you to come to a deep and clear understanding of your personal identity and reconcile yourself with the seeming contrariness of the world. The whole aim of Identity Coaching is to enable you to function at the highest level of your 'SELF'. This begins to happen when your self and purpose becomes clearer to you.

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring, sometimes called spiritual counselling is offered as an integral part of the Partnered Restorative Programme for the healing and well being journey of those who require it. It helps you identify and address spiritual sorrows, feelings of lack of clarity and purpose, exploring your spiritual identity etc.

Spousal Relationship

Spousal Relationship Mentoring is for those who need a confidential, trusted and knowledgeable pair of ears to listen compassionately, and, offer support and guidance from a Christian and ethical perspective in a totally non-judgemental manner. This can include discussions on fertility matters and Natural Family Planning if required. 


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 This site is not aimed at giving medical advice and is not a substitute to direct physician contact in any way. Though the opinions expressed here reflects the years of study and experience of Dr. Michael, it should not be considered as 'medical opinion' as it is not intended to be. Dr. Michael provides medical treatment only in India at this current point in time. All correspondence and chats are purely of a mentoring nature and aims to empower you, the client, to live fuller and healthier lives. Though your results may be transformational and may lead some of you to a total recovery, the mentoring provided is NOT a medical intervention. Any medication required should be prescribed by your own medical practitioner/physician in your area/country. On your specific request we may be able to share with your physician information he may require for your care. This will be done only after careful consideration and only on your request. At all times your wellness is our priority. 

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