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Merina Morris

"The book is brilliantly written ...I loved they way it flowed...it touches your soul. I found myself nodding my head in assent many times. Loved the chapter on authenticity and pain.

I was touched and there were times when I felt charged up with certain words. Made me realise how I am wasting away my time pining away for things that aren't meant to be. I'm a broken soul and I needed those words"


"Realized I have a few more thorns to remove. Now I can try, thanks to you."

Simi. S. Pillai

A beautiful insight to human sufferings and how to overcome /deal with it. The 3 P's very well explained.


"This is a definite guide to attain personal Authenticity by journeying through our past and discovering ones self. Thanks Jacqueline for sharing the experiences & thoughts which reminded me that I am in control of how I exist."  


"After reading this I realized I am what I am."


A powerfully novel approach to understanding the self and harnessing the power within. Emotional pain, an unfulfilled life purpose, and an unrealized self, underpin the deepest dissatisfaction within a person.This book takes you on a journey of discovery into all three. The ultimate reality is that all that you need for your life to become empowered and fulfilled is to be able to authentically manifest what is genuinely you. This book overflows with authenticity, gently nudging and urging one to seek the real 'I' and to uncover one's purpose. It also shows how emotional pain can be damaging and why pain needs to he healed, rather than hidden away.



Though a doctor, I have been working as a Life coach and Health mentor since the last few years. I switched careers because I came to the understanding that many of our illnesses had a very large component of stress and emotional pain associated with it. Emotional Pain of all kinds--the forgotten, the fresh and the buried. Stress of all kinds - busy lifestyles, unfulfilled life purposes, a life lived to someone else's agenda, sleep poverty and so on. A lot of my experiences with clients and patients plus my own personal healing journey, resulted in this book that I have released before you. This book reveals how much of ourselves lies undiscovered and un-healed. It explores facets of our inner person that are authentic and powerful. If this is something that you want to explore -- go ahead and read this book; not once, but twice.

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