Dr. Jacqueline Michael is well known for championing evidence based lifestyle changes for health and longevity since the past several years, especially through her 7 Rainbow Rules.

She is also a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine physician, a nutrition therapist, and life coach.

Dr. Michael currently serves as a Trustee for the Social Health One Health Movement and Advisor for the Indian Society of Lifestyle Medicine of which she was Founding member and immediate past Joint Secretary. 


M.B.B.S, NFP MC, P.G.Dip(Human Rights), M.Med (Infection & Immunity), Diplomate of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine, Certified Nutrition Therapist, Life Coach & Obesity Expert.

Personal Journey 

Her journey into Lifestyle Medicine began more than a decade ago whilst working in the NHS in England. All of a sudden she encountered several life altering health issues - all within the span of a couple of years .

It was arguably one of the best medical systems of the world, but the treatments on offer would only help 'manage' the symptoms. And that too, was not a given. It was during this phase that she delved deep into medical literature focussing her time and energy at identifying the etiology (causes) of her conditions. Once she was able to do that, she started her own management plan which involved a lot of trial and error to perfect. Lifestyle changes formed the mainstay of her plan and Low Dose Naltrexone, then a little known drug, another anchor. 

Her symptoms improved and gradually healing came back into her life. This brought an undying passion to delve deeper into the root causes of diseases, especially chronic diseases with seemingly no cure.

Thus she went back to school in pursuit of a greater understanding of  diseases which have an immunological and inflammatory basis. She completed her Masters in Infection and Immunity from Sydney University's prestigious School of Medicine with Distinction in all 8 subjects.

Work, Skills, Life

Some of her qualifications include a post-graduate qualification from Crieghton University and Pope Paul VI Institute, Nebraska, USA as an NFP Medical Consultant (Creighton Model), NCFE qualification in Counselling skills, Level 2 awards in Public Health Improvement and Food hygiene, training in Nutritional Therapy, and a Masters in Medicine from the University of Sydney.

Dr. Michael  is also a travel buff, writer, and authentic living proponent, with a passionate interest in genuine wellness and healing. Her life's journey has taken her across continents and helped her uncover many little known nuggets of information that can help transform anyones life. In 2014 she began work as Life Coach and Health & Wellbeing Mentor, coaching clients from around the world to lead more happier, healthier and authentic lives and later authored the book, Discover the 3 P's for a Powerful Life.

Drawing on her almost 2 decade long experience in the medical realm, her personal healing journey, medical research and the lived example of an empowered life, she created the highly successful Partnered Restorative Programme™. Her wisdom, compassion and knowledge empowering clients from different parts of the world achieve greater health and wellbeing plus freedom from anxiety, depression and low self esteem. 

Currently she also runs an 8 week lifestyle change program using the The Jacqueline Method which aids in healing from chronic diseases and breaking through obesity plateaus. It is not a treatment or cure, but teaches the core lifestyle concepts in a very practical way which also enables the individual to make healthier choices more easily. 

The South Asian Paradox

A few years ago it became clear that South Asians in general and South Indians in particular were developing diabetes and heart diseases far in excess of their western counterparts. And this happened at far lower obesity levels than in Caucasians and other races. Research showed that a cultural shift in lifestyle alone could help stem the rising trend of these diseases. Dr. Jacqueline Michael conceived the Rainbow Project as a vehicle for this change - to educate, treat and heal with Lifestyle as Medicine in India. She compiled the Seven Rainbow Rules for Health and Longevity and these are used widely as the framework in her health and lifestyle education programs.

In 2017 she went to India and set up HEAL Clinic, the first purely Lifestyle Medicine clinic in Kerala, whose main purpose was to raise awareness about the phenomenal role lifestyle medicine could play in disease prevention and reversal. Through HEAL, she conducted lifestyle education programs in high schools called HEAL 4 Teens, CME's for physicians, and health education programs for adults. Recognising that media is key in transmitting knowledge and transforming healthcare she gives frequent appearances in the media to talk about the benefits of therapeutic lifestyle change and the 7 Rainbow Rules. She also presents the Life Style program on Shalom Television.

Founding the Indian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

As a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Dr. Jacqueline Michael was acutely aware of the importance of having an organisation to help grow awareness about the evidence based science of Lifestyle medicine. And thus in 2018 at the Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine's conference in Manila, Phillippines, she, along with a handful of other LM pioneers from India laid the foundation for the Indian Society of Lifestyle Medicine[ISLM]. Dr. Michael was Joint Secretary and Member of Executive Committee for the length of her tenure and now continues as Advisor to the ISLM.

Currently she lives in Sydney and through Health Education And Lifestyle Solutions continues her coaching and mentoring work as well as offers her services as a speaker and trainer in authentic health and wellbeing.

What they say

Stephanie Mackay

"Working with Jacqueline is an uplifting and nourishing experience!"

David Brewty

"I would highly recommend the Partnered Restorative Programme to anyone who is seeking a holistic approach to healing as you will not be disappointed with the changes that you can make to your life.”

Mary Ann Gabriel MP (Yogiwonders)
Los Angeles, California

Dr. Jacquelline Michael is an amazing person, a friend and a mentor. She gave me profound advice during my time of need. Her love and care to help others really shows :)

We aim to give back to society through our work in promoting evidence based and beneficial life and lifestyle choices which also includes caring for the environment. We do this through social media channels as well as incorporating the message in talks, seminars and discussions.

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28th September 2017


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